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Coindicator is a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) price indicator applet for Mac OSX. It shows latest 24 hour price and also bid, high low, ask prices from the indicator menu.

This is a stub! I haven't had the time to port the menus to OSX yet so for now it just indicates the price.

Right now it supports the following exchanges

Exchanges can be switched from the menu. Feel free to contact me to implement your favorite bitcoin exchange.

Coindicator is ported to Mac OSX from Nil Gardisnik 's Coinprice Indicator for Ubuntu Linux


Should work on a standard Mac OSX installation with python3 and pip3 installed. Using gi, gtk, requests, pyyaml, notify2, and pygobject libraries. In addition, it uses pyojbc to access OSX GUI features.

Install python dependencies and install GSettings schema by running the following command

 make install


To run the indicator with the default settings or with the previous settings, type make to run and the indicator should appear in the notification area. Alternatively, you can run python3 coin/

Configuration takes two parameters to configure the instance(s).

python3 coin/ asset=kraken:XXBTZEUR:30 will launch a single indicator for the asset pair XBT/EUR on the Kraken exchange with a refresh rate of 30 seconds.

python3 coin/ file=startmany.yaml will read startmany.yaml from the coin directory and start an indicator for each configuration it finds in there. Edit startmany.yaml to configure the exchanges, currency pairs and refresh rates for each instance.