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Deepblu API tools

A set of tools to get the most out of Deepblu.

Deepblu Backup Tool -

Retrieves dive logs from Deepblu and exports them in Universal Dive Data Format (UDDF), which can be imported into other applications that support it, including Subsurface Divelog.

Diving Log, a commercial dive log application for Windows, based its Deepblu import tool on this project.

Deepblu logs imported into Subsurface


  • Make sure you have Python 3 and pip3 installed
  • run pip3 install requests jinja2 to install the required dependencies (do so in a virtual environment if necessary)
  • make sure is executable by running chmod u+x in the directory


  • run ./ -u userId to backup all your public logs without personal user information (or if you have no password, e.g. if you created your account using Facebook)
  • run ./ -u email -p password to backup all your private and public logs with personal user information
  • add --with-drafts to include drafts (you will need to use email and password)
  • add --max MAX to limit the number of logs to the most recent MAX
  • find the newly generated backup file in the done folder

Alternatively, you can use the Deepblu Backup Tool web service

in the above commands, make sure you replace email and password with the information associated with your deepblu account, and note that userId is not your username but the id as found in the URL when visiting your own profile at Deepblu.

Tracked data

  • Dive type: Freediving (apnea) or Scuba (open circuit)
  • Dive profile: Deepblu provides a waypoint with temperature and depth every 20 seconds
  • Date and time, visibility, average depth, maximum depth, minimum temperature, dive duration, air temperature
  • Media: url, captions and timestamps of video and images
  • Tank: volume, gas, pressure at start and end
  • Dive computer brand and model
  • Diver details
  • Buddies
  • Divespot: name, latitude and longitude
  • Notes

Known issues

  • Not all data is currently being backed up (some equipment data isn't). I may add more items in the future.

Deepblu Autoliker -

Logs you in with a set of accounts defined in LOGINS and automatically likes every post, beginning with the most recent one, until MAX_LIKES is reached or an earlier like is found.

Deepblu Autofollow - autofollow.js

Console JS script to automatically add a series of Deepblu users in userIds to the following list of a logged-in account with token authToken.


Get the most out of Deepblu, export and backup your dive logs into UDDF format, automatically like posts, and copy another user's followers.




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