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Releases: blurpy/kouchat

KouChat v1.3.0

08 Sep 17:16
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  • Updated headers to include copyright for 2016.
  • Reorganized JMX support to make it easier to import updated code into Android.
  • Settings is no longer a singleton, to make it easier to mock and test KouChat.
  • Added new notification (beforeNetworkCameUp) in the connection worker to allow Android
    to do extra network preparations before the connection is initialized.
  • Updated contact information.
  • Fixed rare bug where quitting would not log off the network right away.
  • Changed rename format when receiving files with name crash in the console ui
    from "file.ext.1" to "file_1.ext".
  • Lots of cleanup to improve testability.
  • Added support for the startup argument --minimized to start the Swing gui minimized.
  • Right click popup with copy/paste options can now be activated using the menu key
    on Windows keyboards.
  • Fixed bug where the private chat input would activate when coming back from away
    when the other user is still away.
  • Moved the menubar to the top of the screen on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed menu not appearing when right clicking users in the user list on Mac OS X.
  • Switched to using command key instead of control key for keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X.
  • Added pre-scaled system tray icons for Mac OS X.
  • Removed hack for KDE where system tray icon of 22x22 was required instead of 24x24.
  • Added setting to enable/disable the system tray icon.
  • Replaced old icons and smileys with the newer ones from KouChat for Android.
  • Added retina icons for Mac OS X.
  • Made links clickable in the About dialog.
  • Fixed bug with PulseAudio where the notification sound was cut off early.
  • User interface translations (under development).

KouChat v1.2.0

22 Aug 17:07
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  • Improved debug logging
  • Added support for user specified network interface, in the settings
  • Fix for " mark/reset not supported" when playing sound
    on newer versions of Java 6 (u33) and Java 7 (u5)
  • Added the 4 status icons in svg format
  • Added prescaled status icons for the system tray. 16x16px for Windows, 22x22px
    for KDE and 24x24px for Gnome
  • Updated kou_shortcut.ico with sizes from 16x16px to 256x256px
  • Updated kou_shortcut.png to 256x256px
  • Fixed crash when starting KouChat on systems with the clock set to unix epoch,
    to support devices without a clock battery
  • Fixed several Swing event dispatch thread issues
  • Changed the /cancel command from /cancel <nick> <file> to /cancel <nick> <id>
  • Changed the /receive command from /receive <nick> <file> to /receive <nick> <id>
  • Changed the /reject command from /reject <nick> <file> to /reject <nick> <id>
  • Fixed issue where file transfers were still shown in the /transfers command after
    a user had logged off without cancelling, rejecting or accepting the transfer
  • Fixed repaint issue with the buttons when returning from the system tray,
    on some configurations

KouChat v1.1.0

22 Aug 17:12
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  • Fix for PatternSyntaxException when parsing commands containing regex
    meta characters
  • If the main window is minimized to the system tray and the system tray
    disappears, the window is shown as minimized in the taskbar instead
  • If the system tray is missing, the minimize feature minimizes to the
    taskbar instead of being deactivated
  • Removed annoying error message if the system tray is missing
  • Upgraded to Checkstyle 5, from KouInject
  • Moved to using the default maven project structure
  • Added optional balloon notification on new messages and new private messages
  • Changed license to LGPL v3
  • Updated headers to include copyright for 2012
  • Added support for logging private chats
  • Added support for the startup argument --no-private-chat
    to disable private chat
  • Added support for the startup argument --always-log to force logging
    enabled and disable the option to deactivate again
  • Added support for the startup argument --log-location to specify
    a custom directory to store log files
  • Increased the number of possible simultaneous KouChat instances
    (with private chat) and file transfers from 10 to 50

KouChat v1.0.0

22 Aug 17:17
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  • Updated headers to include copyright for 2009
  • Added right click menu for copy/paste in the settings dialog
  • Changed to using user name from the operating system as default nick name
  • Added a new dialog window for showing uncaught exceptions
  • Fixed a NullPointerException bug when canceling an ongoing
    file transfer
  • In the user list the right click menu item that is activated
    on double click is shown in bold
  • Improved information given in the /transfers command
  • Moved away from named loggers
  • Added /receive, /reject and /cancel commands to handle file
    transfers in the console user interface
  • General file transfer fixes for clarity and stability
  • Added --version startup option
  • Added shorter options, like -h for --help
  • Added --debug startup option to activate all logging
  • Removed debug setting, as it's being replaced by --debug
    startup option
  • Added tips & tricks from the wiki to the help menu
  • Renamed /names to /users
  • Made /quit a normal command
  • Fixed a NullPointerException concurrency bug in classes for sending
    and receiving messages
  • Added info message about the need to restart when the look and feel is
    changed from the settings

KouChat v0.9.9

22 Aug 17:46
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  • Better information about why drag and drop does not work while away
  • Fix for opening privchat from main chat while privchat already open,
    so it wont reposition
  • Started using validation of input parameters
  • Added (Away) to the title of privchats if the user is away
  • Window icons change on activity, for notification
  • Added JMX support with network, controller and general MBeans
  • Added more debug logging, that can be enabled with JMX
  • Updated lots of javadoc
  • Added F1 shortcut to open FAQ
  • Added smiley support
  • Changed time-to-live for multicast packets to 64, for local area
    networks with routers
  • Tweaking UI for different look and feels
  • More tooltips
  • Added support for opening the folder where a file was saved after
    a file transfer
  • Got rid of the horrible group layout in the file transfer dialog
  • Replaced checkbox for enabling native look and feel with
    combobox for selecting between all available look and feels
  • Using an enum to select user interface instead of a string
  • The network connection is now fully controlled by KouChat instead of
    the operating system
  • VMware network interfaces are ignored, as they pretend to be real
  • Renamed nick to user
  • Removed obsolete unit tests, and added some new better tests
  • Resources are now loaded and validated in one place during startup
  • Reorganized window title for easier identification on the taskbar
  • Fixed a bug in the day changer when starting the application
    between zero and one o'clock

KouChat v0.9.8

23 Aug 09:28
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  • Gave names to threads
  • Added uncaught exception handler to log uncaught exceptions
  • Made sure the delayed logon timer stops when done
  • Moved some ui-interfaces to the ui package
  • Removed UIMessages
  • Improved error messages shown in the user interface
  • Added the final keyword to lots of variables
  • Made ConsoleInput a thread
  • Reorganized resources
  • Added faq and license to the help menu
  • Updated headers to include copyright for 2008
  • Auto completion for nick names and commands

KouChat v0.9.7

23 Aug 09:30
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  • Switched to use the system look and feel by default
  • Added option to switch between system lnf and cross platform lnf
  • Tweaked margins between components
  • Tweaked the cell renderer for the nick list to work better
    with the system look and feel
  • Increased delayed logon timer, to avoid getting messages about
    users suddenly showing up, if startup is slow
  • Changed to show the date in English instead of the local language
  • Removed "..." from a lot of messages
  • Added a check to make sure the nick list is in sync after timeouts
  • Changed from JTextArea to JLabel in the About box, to make it look better
    with the GTK+ look and feel

KouChat v0.9.6

23 Aug 09:32
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  • Changed message encoding to UTF-8
  • Changed message size limits to use number of bytes instead of characters
  • Better default colors for messages when no saved settings are found
  • Enable sound by default when no saved settings are found
  • Fixed a bug where the privchat window would show up even if there was
    no new messages when the user logged off
  • Fixed NullPointerException when using ctrl+c to quit from console mode
  • Added sound notification when popup is shown to ask to receive a file
  • Fixed a bug where the logger would overwrite the log file instead of
    append to it if the option was enabled and disabled more than once

KouChat v0.9.5

23 Aug 09:33
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  • Added Maven 2 support
  • Fixed an error where saving settings for the first time without specifying
    a browser would give a NullPointerException
  • Added limit to the size of topic and away messages
  • Cleaned up the error logging
  • Tweaked url regex
  • Fixed lots of checkstyle warnings

KouChat v0.9.4

23 Aug 09:34
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  • Trying new fix for empty nick list
  • Added shortcuts for items in the Tools menu
  • Added missing check for invalid nick when other users log on
  • Set online variable to current time if client doesn't send that info
  • Making sure the privchat window is disposed when closed and user
    is logged off
  • Set the nick list to single selection mode
  • Added tooltips to some of the settings
  • Fixed repaint issue with the scrollbar after being minimized to tray