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Opsec Aggressor Profiles

The profiles in this folder overwrite the built-in Cobalt Strike commands to prevent certain commands from being run altogether. For example, if you are operating in an environment where process injections is very closely monitored, load the process-injection.cna to prevent any Beacon commands that rely on process injection from running.

Demo: OPSEC Profile Demo

The profiles allow an operator to enable or block commands. Block is used to prevent a command from running, while enable allows the command to run. To modify the state of a given command on-the-fly, you will need to unload the script, modify the source, and reload the script.

The following profiles are available:

  • cmd-execution.cna - Prevents commands that rely on cmd.exe
  • powershell.cna - Prevents commands that rely on powershell.exe
  • process-execution.cna - Prevents commands that spawn a new process
  • process-injection.cna - Prevents commands that use process injection
  • service-creation.cna - Prevents commands that create new services
  • template.cna - Includes all commands with an on/off variable for each command at the top of the script. Edit as needed for your specific use-case.

Note: if you wish to remove the OPSEC profile and restore default functionality, you can either unload the script and restart the Cobalt Strike client or unload the script and load the default.cna script.

The profiles also add the opsec command, which can be used to list all commands with their current block/enable setting.

beacon> opsec
[+] The current opsec profile has the following commands set to enable/block: 
[*] browserpivot - enable
[*] bypassuac - block
[*] cancel - enable
[*] cd - enable
[*] checkin - enable
[*] clear - enable
[*] covertvpn - block
[*] cp - enable

The profiles limit command functionality in both the Beacon console and popup (right-click) menu. The profiles do NOT limit additional functionality provided in the GUI, such as the ability to inject from the Process Pane. Be wary of these limitations!

If you run into any operational issues while using this profiles, please open a GitHub issue!

For more information about OPSEC Profiles, please see my blog post Cobalt Strike OPSEC Profiles