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This repo will house any one-off scripts that don't merit their own repo.

Apache mod_rewrite

Rulesets and supplemental scripts for use with Apache's mod_rewrite to strengthen phishing campaigns. For more info, see my blog post on the subject.

  • Mobile User Redirection - Redirect any users with mobile device user agents
  • Invalid URI Redirection - Redirect any requests for non-existant resources
  • Operating System Based Redirection - Redirect users to different payloads or phishing sites based upon their operating system
  • Combatting Incident Responders - Use redirection rules to mitigate risks posed by incident responders
  • Phishing Link Expiration - Expire requests clicked more than a designated number of times. Increases the time it will take incident responders to evaluate the malicious website.

A script to setup a Kali VM for testing.

Uses TrustedSec's Powershell Unicorn to generate a powershell payload and wraps it into an EXE using WinRAR under WINE. For setup instructions, see my blog post Making a Powershell EXE Payload

Updates the GitHub hosted tools in opt.


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