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bluSensor® MQTT API

All our Wi-Fi sensors directly support MQTT. You can also use your own MQTT broker


Please update to the latest firmare V1.1.0. This release contains important bugfixes for local MQTT networks. For updating your sensors, please select "bluSensor IOT" as your IoT provider and use the iOS/Android app to trigger the firmware update.

Alternatively, you can sent the following MQTT command to your device:




{"ota": "1.1.0"}

Once the sensor is starting the update, it will blink in blue.

Please note, that the sensor needs public internet access to download the firmware update.

Sensor Setup

In order to connect a bluSensor device to your MQTT broker you need to configure the IoT connection on your sensors. In order to do so, you need to put the device into ADMIN MODE. The device will make a Wi-Fi hotspot (name=serialnumber) that you can connect to.

Once connected you can open the URL: http://blusensor.local

Select the menu item "Internet of Things" to configure your sensor. Next select "MQTT" as your provider and fill out the "Endpoint Configuration".

Once your configuration is finished, you need to restart the device. You can check our iOS/Android app for connection states. Detailed informations can be found on the sensor's information page.

Trouble Shooting

We just saw that the mDNS of our sensor is not working with all notebooks.

If you encounter any issues please use the following workaround:

  1. add DNS entry "blusensor.local" -> to your local DNS registry


  2. Login with „123456"
  3. You will be redirected to a „http://blusensor.local/sensor.html?token=234234234" that might not work (due to DNS)
  4. Please replace „blusensor.local“ with „“

For example:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Enter Admin Mode

The default password is "123456", but you can change that anytime.

Configure Internet of Things

Configure Wi-Fi on your sensor

You need to connect your sensor to a Wi-Fi network. This can be done on the first page of the admin dashboard or you can use our app for iOS and Android

MQTT broker "mosquitto" default config

If you are using mosquitto with its default configuration (non-TLS) you need to configure your sensor like this

Sensor Interval

The sensor will send updates every 60 seconds.

MQTT Topics

  • SERIALNR = world-wide unique sensor serialnumber (18 characters)



MQTT Sensor Data (json)

Basic Sensor Information

  "serialnr" : "B01080112233445566",
  "name" : “bluSensor, Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014", 
  "location" : "bluSensor Lab Room 1"
  "type" : 1,
  "lat" : "37.7858340“
  "lon" : "-122.4064170",
  "ts_unix" : "1561698704",
  "ts_iso" : "2016-12-12 17:00:18.410",

  <sensor specific information>

  • serialnr: sensor serialnumber
  • name: user defined sensor name
  • location: user defined sensor location
  • type: sensor type
  • lat, lon: GPS coordinates
  • ts_unix: UNIX timestamp of measurement (UTC)
  • ts_iso: ISO8601 formatted timestamp of measurement (UTC)

Device Types

device type description
01 Humidity & Temperature
02 (reserved)
03 3D Fusion (Euler)
04 Air Flow
05 (reserved)
06 (reserved)
07 Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope
08 (reserved)
09 (reserved)
10 Air Quality
11 Usage Counter
12 (reserved)
13 Temperature
14 Infrared Array Camera
15 Particulate Matter
16 Proximity Distance
17 Light Ambient
18 Magnetometer
19 People Detection
20 (reserved)
21 Proximity Counter

Sensor Specific Information

  <basic information>

  "hum" : 36.57,
  "tem" : 22.01,
  "dew" : 17.60, 
  "tvoc" : 550,
  "co2" : 1023,
sensor value json
Humidity hum
Temperature tem
Temperature Probe tem_probe
Dewpoint dew
Particulate Matter pm1, pm2, pm4, pm10
CO2 co2
TVOC tvoc
Air Flow airflow
Shake-It shakes_total, shakes_current
Acceleration acc_x / acc_y / acc_z
Gyroscope gyr_x / gyr_y / gyr_z
Magnetometer mag_x / mag_y / mag_z
3D (Euler Coordinates) euler_x / euler_y /euler_z
Usage Index uix
Light light
Noise noise
AIQ Index aiq
Pressure pressure
Infrared Array ir_cam
Distance distance
Distance Counter distance_count
People Presence people
People Counter people


You can use our shared MQTT broker free of charge. If your project requires a dedicated and private MQTT broker or if you want to use your own broker, you can use our app (bluSensor® AIR) to configure your sensors to connect to it. Using TLS and client certificates (stored on the sensor) is also already supported! Please contact us for details!

Available Ports

  • 7883 (client)
  • 7885 (websockets)
  • 8883 (client,TLS)
  • 8885 (websockets,TLS)

Development Tools

You can use any MQTT client to connect to our broker and subscribe to your sensor's data.

We can recommend MQTT.fx!

MQTT.fx - Configuration (TLS)

MQTT.fx - Sensor Data (JSON)


Having trouble with bluSensor® API or need development support?

You will get direct support from our core development team (free of charge)!

You can contact us anytime at

You need a sensor type that is not listed yet?

Just drop us an email!


bluSensor® MQTT API






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