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#New Community Programs Office (CPO) website design. ##Preview For a preview, here are the mockups:

##Phases The project will operate in three distinct phases:

  1. Make mockups that represent the overall design of the site. [complete]
  2. Convert the mockups to responsive HTML/CSS. [complete]
  3. Convert the responsive HTML/CSS to a Wordpress theme.

Though this may not be the most efficient way (mobile-first, responsive wordpress design first?), I find that it forces you to spend more time with the design in a way that is easier than HTML/CSS. While designing in Photoshop one can temporarily ignore the limitations of HTML/CSS, being only concerned with user experience.

##Feedback If you have any feedback on the designs, send me an email at

##License All code is open source and freely available to download/test. This is built off of the HTML5 boilerplate so there are various licenses for different parts of the project (Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Boilerplate, etc.). The design itself is copyright the CPO at UCLA and may not be reproduced on any external website without permission.


The new CPO website theme, built in Wordpress.






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