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ArtDraw is a game in which users complete each others' drawings. That being said, the most important part is to have seemless play from one game to another.

Pushing to Production

The current implementation is running on a Heroku application. To push changes to the heroku app, use the login information that will be provided in the credintials file and the following steps.

$ bundle exec rake assets:precompile
$ heroku login
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Add commit message"
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku run rake db:migrate

Complete and Future works

This section will first describe what has already been done with ArtDraw and then give a brief description of future features.

User Profiles The user profiles uses the Devise user management Gem. The two account creation methods that have been set up already are e-mail and Facebook login. To add login via Weibo part I would recommend looking into the documentation for creating the Facebook gem and modeling it after that as they also use Oath2.

Game State The games are stored in a Game record where the table is called the games table. The games table has the following columns:

  • integer "challenger_id"
  • integer "opponent_id"
  • boolean "active"
  • string "title"
  • text "clickX"
  • text "clickY"
  • text "clickDrag"
  • text "clickColor"
  • datetime "created_at"
  • datetime "updated_at"
  • string "challenge_name"

The creator of the game's id is listed as the challenger_id and will challenge someone based on a string challenge_name which links to the numerical opponent id in the database. The challenger_id and opponent_id are the keys which link to the user table. The boolean active is used to indicate when a game is still being played, the current layout is a game only lasts one turn before being reset. The string title is the title of the completed drawing and will be filled in by the second player when they complete the drawing. The variables clickX, clickY, clickDrag, clickColor are all filled in by the JavaScript as the user draws on the canvas. These arrays store all necessary data for the canvas state to be reloaded from the database.


The list of contributors and Github accounts

  • Brandon Arroyo - BrandonArroyo
  • Kyle Wilson - Bluyam


A collaborative drawing game




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