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@vshymanskyy vshymanskyy released this
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         /___/    v1.1.0

How to install Blynk library: ⇨ link ⇦

In this release

  • #StandWithUkraine banner
  • ESP32 stability improvements and workarounds. ESP32-C3 and ESP32-S2 support
  • BlynkTimer improvements:
    • std::function support where possible (i.e. on ESP32/ESP8266)
    • timer creation functions now return a BlynkTimer::Handle instance, which can be used to access every timer separately.
    • Added executeNow function to run a timer function immediately
  • Blynk.Edgent improvements:
    • Drastically decrease reboots when WiFi/internet goes off
    • Allow creating pre-configured firmware using BLYNK_AUTH_TOKEN, BLYNK_WIFI_SSID, BLYNK_WIFI_PASS
    • Make BOARD_BUTTON_PIN definition optional (for cases when WiFi is reset by means different from a physical button)
    • Improve indication during the configuration phase
    • Display device MAC address in Static IP configuration screen
    • Use CONFIG_DEVICE_PREFIX to set the prefix of configuration WiFi (for white-label apps)
  • Ability to disable automatic Blynk instance creation using NO_GLOBAL_INSTANCES or NO_GLOBAL_BLYNK defines
  • BLYNK_NODELAY support for ArduinoClient
  • Subcommands support for BlynkConsole

When using the updated platform + new Blynk IoT app,
be sure to include the Template ID on top of your sketch, above any includes:

#define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID    "YourTemplateID"

Otherwise, it will try to connect to the legacy server ( by default, and you'll get an "Invalid auth token" error.
Read more about device templates:

Remember to regularly update your IDE, Libraries and Boards!
Full list of supported hardware is available here

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Stand With Ukraine