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@@ -47,6 +47,21 @@ Then:
* `squash` to merge a commit with the previous one.
* `fixup` to merge a commit with the previous one and discard the log message.
+Commits are listed with the oldest one at the top of the list, and the newest one
+at the bottom of the list. ie in the previous example, 5c6eb73 is the oldest commit,
+and 5c6eb73 is the newest commit.
+When doing a squash, the marked commit is "squashed" into the commit higher up
+the list (use the mnemonic "squash up" to remember this). For example, this
+would result in a311a64 being "squashed" into 5c6eb73:
+ pick 5c6eb73 Added link
+ squash a311a64 Reordered analogies in "Work How You Want"
+ pick 100834f Added push target to Makefile
+When *squash* is used, both log messages will appear in $EDITOR, allowing you
+to reword/combine the log messages; *fixup* will discard the log message.
Save and quit. If you marked a commit for editing, then

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