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Credited Ariset Tapia.

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2 en/preface.txt
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Rather than go into details, we provide rough instructions for particular effect
-[Chinese (Simplified)]: by JunJie, Meng and JiangWei.
- - link:/~blynn/gitmagic/intl/es/[Spanish]: by Rodrigo Toledo.
+ - link:/~blynn/gitmagic/intl/es/[Spanish]: by Rodrigo Toledo and Ariset Llerena Tapia.
- link:/~blynn/gitmagic/intl/de/[German]: by Benjamin Bellee and Armin Stebich. Armin also hosts[the German translation on his website].
- link:/~blynn/gitmagic/intl/ru/[Russian]: by Tikhon Tarnavsky, Mikhail Dymskov, and others.
-[Portuguese]: by Leonardo Siqueira Rodrigues [[ODT version]].
2 es/multiplayer.txt
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ y cualquiera puede obtener tu proyecto con:
$ git clone http://web.server/proj.git
-=== Git Sobre Cualquier Cosa===
+=== Git Sobre Cualquier Cosa ===
¿Quieres sincronizar repositorios sin servidores, o incluso sin conexión de red?
¿Necesitas improvisar durante una emergencia? Hemos visto cómo <<makinghistory, *git

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