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implementing stripe features in a rails app
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Stripe Example

Reference implementation of stripe interface




You will need to add plans to your stripe account!


$ git clone    # clone the repo
$ cd stripe-example
$ bundle install                                      # install all dependencies, we recommend using RVM
$ cp config/database.sample.yml config/database.yml   # use the default database.yml (or customize it)
$ cp config/stripe.sample.yml config/stripe.yml       # add your own keys or you'll be sorry
$ rake db:setup                                       # creates the development database
$ ./script/server                                     # start the server


Tools used:

  • rspec
  • capybara
  • factory girl
rake spec   # this will run all of the RSpec specifications, located in ./spec
  • Specs are organized into Models & Integration specs (/spec/models, /spec/requests)
  • Model Factories are located in /spec/factories.rb


Recommended deployment is done via Heroku. They have an excellent intro at

Environment Variables

Use the heroku config command to check/set environemnt variables on Heroku.

  • STRIPE_APP_ID: the stripe application id
  • STRIPE_SECRET: the stripe secret


Developed by Dev Fu!, LLC.

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