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Textmate Bundle for RSpec plain text stories
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Textmate Bundle for RSpec plain text stories

How to install:
mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
git clone git:// RSpec\ Story.tmbundle
In TextMate:
From your drop down menu, select Bundles -> Bundle Editor -> Reload Bundles

If you are doing ruby development with webrat you may also want the webrat bundle:

  * Color highlighting for plain text stories
    * Themes that have been modified to take advantage of this can be found in color_themes/
  * Snippets for plain text stories and step files.
  * Predefined completions (escape key) for common story keywords.
  * Spellchecking turned on by default for the plaintext stories.
  * Run the current plain text story and display in HTML.  Clickable backtrace and all.
  * Switch between plain text story and corresponding step matcher file.
  * Automatically create template step file with pending steps based on the steps used in the story.

  * Requires RSpec 1.1.4
  * The running of stories and file switching relies on the following directory structure convention:
     Basic stories (no sub-directories):
   		   |- basic_story.rb
   		   |- stories
   		   |   |- basic_story.story (extension must be .story)
   		   |- steps
   		       |- basic_story_steps.rb
     Using feature sub-directories:
  		   |- feature_one
  		   |   |- some_story.rb
  		   |   |- stories
  		   |   |   |- some_story.story (extension must be .story)
  		   |   |
  		   |   |- steps
  		   |       |- some_story_steps.rb
  		   |- feature_two
  		   | .....
  	These directory structures can be used together (basic stories can reside in the root stories directory, and feature sets can be put in sub directories).

  * 6/1/2008 4:10AM - If in story file, and are switching to any other file, if a runner file doesn't exist
        - prompt to create it (right now - going to specific step from story file dies if not)
  * Run All Stories command.
  * Run Selected Stories command.
  * (MAYBE) Make running a story more robust to work with any configuration.
  * Warning / prompt about creating step runner file (when creating either a story or a steps file)
  * Improve HTML output to show failing information.
  * If in story file, and step file doesn't exist, and going to specific step - make snippets work correctly
      - currently inserts new step and tag name of step file - steps_for(:Given "blah blah" ...)
  * When in step file - if doing SHIFT-CTRL-OPTION-DOWN - go to first step that match
  * Switch Command
		* Easily switch between a plain text story and it's runner ruby file.
  * Step Navigation
    * Be able to quickly navigate to the step files that are being used for the current story.
    * Automatically go to the selected step or create it if it does not exist.

John Thornton
Ben Mabey

Original language part of the bundle taken from:
this was improved upon by John, Ben, and Jake Cahoon.

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