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javascript based RPG
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As I embark on my journey to learn javascript, I have a clear idea of what I want to build. A dwarven-fortress like game in javascript. The game is also used as a fun after-school activity for my students. :-)

There is an online version of this,

This is a javascript implementation of a simple ascii art RPG game

  • TODO: smart terrain generation
  • TODO: inventory
  • TODO: achievement / badges / honors (all should be funny)
  • TODO: skills
  • TODO: moving around
  • TODO: edge of the world : how to deal with it?
  • TODO: item name generator
  • TODO: building screen
  • TODO: a wilderness zone
  • TODO: a town zone
  • TODO: a space zone (really - I have big plans for interplanetary travel)
  • TODO: a combat zone
  • TODO: a store zone (buy / sell)
  • TODO: a character sheet zone
  • TODO: a quest zone (give/receive quests)
  • TODO: maybe a crafting zone to craft stuff
  • TODO: an event zone, so after X number of turns we can trigger events
  • TODO: animals
  • TODO: NPC's
  • TODO: add credits
  • TODO: help screen, ditch tooltips
  • HINT: throw new Error("Something went badly wrong!");
  • LEARNED: about shallow copies. Thanks stackoverflow
  • TODO: make alert messages more random, funny and meaningful
  • TODO: add to credits
  • TODO: add skill and eqipment into chnace to block successfully
  • TODO: Ryan: add health bar for monsters during combat
  • TODO: add Joe's all you can eat buffet
  • TODO: foo


  • TODO: add image for death
  • TODO: after death, dont allow movement.
  • TODO: remove bear trap after its been triggered
  • TODO: player object
  • TODO: put listener into a function.
  • TODO: death
  • TODO: different trees
  • TODO: when dead after combat dont allow attacking to continue
  • TODO: rationally deal with images / icons / etc..
  • TODO: changelog (this is on github)
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