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🔖 Reference list of Papyrus DSML and extensions
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A list to reference Eclipse Papyrus extensions (DSML, generator,...)


License Build Status

⚠️ this is just a list! (Some projects may be mature, some others simple prototype.)

Name Installation* Description Source
ArchiMate-for-Papyrus Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client Archimate integration in Papyrus Github
Mast Evaluation Manual Tooling for evaluation of Papyrus-Marte models with MAST Gitlab
Papyrus BPMN Oxygen A DSML for BPMN Eclipse
Papyrus Information Modeling Oxygen A DSML for Information Modeling Eclipse
Papyrus IoTML Oxygen A DSML for Modeling IoT Eclipse
Papyrus Marte Neon A DSML for Marte Eclipse
Papyrus Moka Oxygen Papyrus model execution framework based on FUML and PSSM Eclipse
Papyrus RobotML Neon A DSML for RobotML Eclipse
Papyrus-RT Oxygen A DSML for Papyrus Realtime Eclipse
Papyrus Software Designer Oxygen N/A Eclipse
Library Training N/A Workshop training for Papyrus Github
Papyrus SysML 1.4 Oxygen A DSML for SysML 1.4 modelisation Eclipse
UML2Raml Installation Neon A generator from UML to Raml Github
UML2Ruby Market Place A generator from UML to Ruby Github
UML2Solidity Mars A generator from UML to Solidity Github
Viatra Obfuscator Update site An obfuscator for models Eclipse
Eclipse Gendoc Update site DocGeneration for models Eclipse
Eclipse UML Generators Mars Bridge the gap between UML models and source code Eclipse
Eclipse UPR Luna Eclipse UML Profiles Repository Eclipse

A list of Docker images containing Papyrus

Name Installation* Description Source
qperez/eclipse-mt-jdk8 Docker Hub Eclipse Oxygen 2 Modeling Tools with Acceleo, ATL and Papyrus Github
openkbs/papyrus-sysml-docker Docker Hub Eclipse-Oxygen + SysML Modeling + Java 8 JDK + Maven 3.5 + Python 3.5 + X11 (display GUI) Github

*:Luna, Mars, Neon, Oxygen, Photon are the names of Eclipse Simultaneous Release

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