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🎓 📚 The Library Training Material (Incoming Eclipse Papyrus Photon Year 2018-2019)
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License Codeship Status for bmaggi/library-training Build Status Quality Gate

⚠️ The official version of the training material is available in Papyrus repository

  • Built against Eclipse Photon (This example is only tested against Eclipse Photon release train)
  • This is material used for training and example, it shouldn't be taken as an architectural reference:
    • profile plugin shouldn't have any dependencies to Papyrus
    • tests should be done using one fragment for each plugin
    • elementtype should be hosted in an independent plugin
    • ui element should probably be grouped in the same plugin
    • css files are duplicated to demonstrate local css capabilities


  1. How to create a Libraryergt Gif DSML
  2. How to create a profile
  3. How to create a new child menu
  4. How to create properties
  5. How to create a css theme
  6. How to contribute to new model wizard
  7. How to create a palette
  8. How to create an architecture
  9. How to create a validation rule
  10. How to create a hyperlink strategy
  11. How to create a navigation strategy
  12. How to add some basic tests

Pitch (Work in progress)


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