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zip-it-loader takes a file as input and outputs either a zipped version of that file or a zipped version of the file's directory.


npm install zip-it-loader


Webpack Loaders

likely used with file loader: file?name=[name].zip!zip-it

zip file only

require a file with content

require('./file.txt') // not an empty file

zip entire directory and sub-directories

require an empty file in the directory you wish to zip. the file's name sans extension will be used as the unzipped directory's name and also passed to file loader's [name]. the empty file is not included in the zip. empty directories are not included.

require('./file.js') // must be completely empty

finer control directory zipping with config file

require a json file with a field zip-it-config: true to distinguish from a json file intended for zipping.


/* file-name.json */
	"zip-it-config": true,
	"name": "directory-name",
	"exclude": [

	// or use include
	// if both fields are present, only exclude is used

	"include": [

available options:

  • name -- sets the name of base directory within the zip. the zip file's name is based on the imported file's name if using file-loader?name=[name].zip
  • exclude -- an array of strings, converted to regular expressions in the loader, to exclude. directories are written relative to config file's directory, e.g. a directory images at the same level as the config file would be matched by images/ but not /images/. any directories that resolve to empty due to exclusion are omitted from the zip
  • include -- same format as exclude. only listed files or regex-matching files are included in zip.