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gdb and gdbserver (ARMEB)

  • Download and extract the latest GDB (v7.11.1 on 07/23/2016):
tar xf gdb-7.11.1.tar.xz
  • Comment lines 125 and 126 from /gdb-7.9.1/gdb/gnulib/import/mbrtowc.c (you can also set # define MB_CUR_MAX 1):
//      if (m >= 4 || m >= MB_CUR_MAX)
//        goto invalid;
  • Setup the build environment variables:
export PATH=${PATH}:/opt/armeb-linux/ti-puma5/usr/bin
export TARGETMACH=armeb-linux
export BUILDMACH=i686-pc-linux-gnu
export CROSS=armeb-linux
export CC=${CROSS}-gcc
export LD=${CROSS}-ld
export AS=${CROSS}-as
export AR=${CROSS}-ar
export LDFLAGS="-static"
  • Download and install termcap (dependency):
tar xvzf termcap-1.3.1.tar.gz
cd termcap-1.3.1/
./configure --host=$TARGETMACH --prefix='/opt/armeb-linux/ti-puma5/usr'
make install
mv termcap.o /opt/armeb-linux/ti-puma5/lib/
  • Configure and cross compile gdb and gdbserver:
cd ../gdb-7.11.1/
./configure --host=$TARGETMACH --target=$TARGETMACH
cd gdb
./configure --host=$TARGETMACH --target=$TARGETMACH
  • Strip the binaries:
armeb-linux-strip gdb
armeb-linux-strip gdbserver/gdbserver