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Quick guide to create a working buildroot to cross compile binaries and firmwares from puma5 cable modems, including Motorola SB6120/6121/6141 and Arris TG862 families.

puma5_toolchain-2010.02.24.tgz - ARMEB toolchain (puma5) and installation script and patches.


The procedure was tested on a Kali Linux 1.1.0a 64 bit Image with GCC 4.7.2.

  • Download and extract the puma5 toolchain:
wget https://github.com/bmaia/cross-utils/raw/master/armeb/puma5_toolchain/puma5_toolchain-2010.02.24.tgz
tar xjf puma5_toolchain-2010.02.24.tgz
  • Install dependencies:
sudo apt-get install kernel-package libncurses5-dev fakeroot wget bzip2 build-essential bison flex unifdef build-essential texinfo libc6-dev-i386 quilt g++-multilib
  • Make sure you're using make 3.8.1:
make -version
GNU Make 3.81
  • Install the puma5 toolchain on the /opt/armeb-linux folder:
cd puma5_toolchain/src/
mkdir /opt/armeb-linux
export TI_PUMA5_TOOLCHAIN_INSTALL_DIR=/opt/armeb-linux
  • Cross compile a Hello World in C:
#include <stdio.h>

    printf("Hello World\n");
/opt/armeb-linux/ti-puma5/usr/bin/armeb-linux-cc hello.c -o hello -static
  • Check the ELF binary
file hello
hello: ELF 32-bit MSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped

Installation (prebuilt toolchain)

If you don't want to compile everything and you trust the Internet, download the prebuilt puma5 toolchain for Linux 64bits (tested on Kali 1.1.0a):

cd /opt/
wget https://github.com/bmaia/cross-utils/raw/master/armeb/puma5_toolchain/armeb-linux.tar.xz
tar xf armeb-linux.tar.xz


[1] http://www.grandrapidsdevs.com/creating-a-working-buildroot-for-sb6120-6141-komodo.html

[2] http://sourceforge.net/projects/sb6120.arris/files/SB6120%20SB6121%20SB6141%

[3] http://sourceforge.net/projects/sb6x2x.arris/files/SBV6x2x_1_0_2_0_SCM01/

[4] http://sourceforge.net/projects/sb6141.arris/files/SB6141_1_0_6_1_SCM00