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title: "RBIEN SALVIAS Tutorial"
author: "Brian Maitner"
date: "February 17, 2017"
output: html_document
```{r setup, include=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)
# Setup
```{r message=F,warning=FALSE, results='hide'}
#If you haven't already installed BIEN, do so now.
install.packages(pkgs = "devtools",repos = "")
install_github(repo = "bmaitner/RBIEN/BIEN")
# Downloading SALVIAS data with BIEN
Downloading the SALVIAS data with the BIEN package is done using the function `BIEN_plot_datasource`
```{r, message=F,warning=FALSE, results='hide'}
salvias_data <- BIEN_plot_datasource("SALVIAS")
If you would like additional information than is included in the default query, there are a number of options, including:
* Additional taxonomic information
* Additonal plot metadata
* Information on native status of species
* Information on the political regions that a record falls in
See `?BIEN_plot_datasource` for more information
To download the SALVIAS dataset with all of the additional information:
```{r, message=F,warning=FALSE, results='hide'}
salvias_data_full <- BIEN_plot_datasource(datasource = "SALVIAS",cultivated = T, = F,all.taxonomy = T,native.status = T,political.boundaries = T,all.metadata = T)
If you would additionally like the stem measurements associated with the SALVIAS database, use the function `BIEN_stem_datasource`.
```{r, message=F,warning=FALSE, results='hide'}
salvias_stem_data <- BIEN_stem_datasource("SALVIAS")
As with the `BIEN_plot_datasource` there are a number of additional data available.
Note, however, that setting *native.status* or *cultivated* to **TRUE** will greatly increase the amount of time the query takes.
```{r, message=F,warning=FALSE, results='hide'}
salvias_stem_data_full <- BIEN_stem_datasource(datasource = "SALVIAS",cultivated = T, = F,all.taxonomy = T,native.status = T,political.boundaries = T,all.metadata = T)
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