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This document provides general information on the POTUS Facts client-side application. For more information about the POTUS Facts API, please see president-cards-server.

Why POTUS Facts

Are you a US history student? Maybe you just like presidential trivia. This application is for you! This application uses a spaced repition algorithm to sort presidential trivia questions. The more often you get a question correct, the less you see that question.

How it Works

POTUS Facts keeps a custom set of trivia questions for each user. Create a user and sign in

The application will provide a question. Answer the question by filling in the input and clicking submit. The application will let you know if you got the question right or wrong. Click next to be given a new question.

For local use

# Clone repository
git clone

# Change directory
cd presidents-cards-client

# Install NPM dependencies
npm install

# Start the server
npm start