Moves current tab to the left, so most recently used tabs are on the left of the tab list.
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Tab Stack Safari Extension

This is a simple little Safari extension to mimic the Tab Stack Chrome extension. It's a simple workaround for "MRU" (most recently used) behavior for tabs. Instead of trying to override control+tab behavior, it simply moves the current tab to the left after a specified delay, so most recently used tabs are on the left of the tab list. The delay allows you to navigate through tabs (find a tab) without affecting the ordering.


  • Delay (ms): Sets the delay, in milliseconds, before a tab is moved. Having a short delay allows you to navigate through tags quickly without affecting the ordering – e.g., to find a specific tab. The default value is 1000.

  • No delay for new tab: When creating a new tab, move it immediately to the left. Since Safari clears the address bar when a tab is moved, this allows you to open a new tab with ⌘T and start typing a URL or your search phrase without losing it when tab movement is delayed. Defaults to true.

Known Issues

  • When opening a new tab, movement of the new tab to the left will erase any text in the address bar, so any text typed immediately into the address bar after opening a new tab with ⌘T before the tab is moved will be lost. Unfortunately, Safari extensions do not have access to manipulate the address bar, so there's no way to prevent the clearing of the address bar when the tab is moved. The No delay for new tab setting attempts to mitigate the problem by moving new tabs immediately (hopefully before you begin typing into the address bar). workaround this problem