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This is a basic kernel for the x86 architecture. Started few months after I left university during year 2008, I did not have much time to go on with it... I put it on GitHub for backup purpose, yet I am planning to overhaul it in the near future.

Although the code is far from clean, the kernel itself has some great and advanced features such as:

  • Spatial partioning, ring0 / ring3, flat memory model to bypass the segmentation, paging enabled with smart use PAE feature to constantly have the kernel address-space mapped into the PDBR. Paging with the mirroring feature.
  • Memory manager, malloc().
  • Multithreading with some IPC, preemptive round-robin scheduler.
  • Local-APIC, instead of the old PIC. IPI, MSI support.
  • IO-APIC for nice IRQs, with keyboard support!
  • Various time sources (TCR, LAPIC timers, ...)
  • Supports the sysenter and sysexit instruction for modern syscalls, instead of the legacy int 0x80.
  • Smart exception/interrupt routing.
  • A lot of assembly wrap-up in inlined functions.
  • A few libc functions (printf(), sprintf(), vsprintf()...).


  • Remove bad file attributes (for files created on Windows).
  • Translate all comments from french to english.
  • Apply K&R coding style, follow Linux Coding Style rules. Big big work to be done to clean code...
  • Add basic data structures (rb-tree, Linux style doubly-linked list).
  • Revamp the thread manager (pthread compliant) and the memory manager.