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Merge pull request #200 from oliverpool/patch-1

Remove repeated "of" type in the ReadMe
2 parents c1d59b6 + 08c5f63 commit c033136df2532a7573bea6fd9403e0403faa1211 @bmatzelle committed Feb 27, 2016
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@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ far lighter than the Cygwin tool, and is extremely useful. "
-- Ultra light: Small, light subset (about 10 MB) of of very useful UNIX
+- Ultra light: Small, light subset (about 10 MB) of very useful UNIX
binaries that do not have decent installers.
- Shell window from any directory: Adds a Windows Explorer shell window
so that you can right-click on any directory and open a command

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