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Is it possible to add rsync? Can't see on the executable list url


I think rsync is a good idea if it's available for Windows. Please see Contributing.

  1. Is there a Windows binary available?
    Yes. cwRsync.

  2. What is (cw)rsync utility? What does it do?
    What rsync does. Syncing files via the rsync protocol. ;-)

  3. Is the utility free or open source?

  4. Does the binary work without Cygwin?
    Unfortunately it is shipped with and linked against Cygwin and some additional cygwinish libraries: cygwin1, cygiconv-2, cyggcc_s-1.
    Because it becomes shippped with ssh.exe and ssh-keygen.exe, these both are additionally linked against cygcrypto, cygz and cygssp-0. May be, that rsync internally calls / uses ssh. If so, s/o has to test, if this could also work with plink.

  5. Is this binary something that can truly be considered "lightweight"?
    I'd say yes. At least I have not seen anything lighter with the same features.

To be honest, I believe it is possible to get it running without cygwin, but I don't know how to do it.
It would have been great, if you @bmatzelle could provide the information how you build the tools. What is the toolchain you use? Or do you "just" collect the binaries from all over the web? If so, don't mind. But then it could be a chance to add


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