Does Rsync work? #57

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On Windows 7 32bit, after installing Gow 0.5 I issued the same rsync command that I typically do on Mac/Linux, and nothing happened

c:> rsync -avz --delete --progress c:\Users\Antony\folderA "c:\Users\Antony\folderB"
rsync port to Win32 by George McCollister. Version 0.0.2
Use at your own risk! This code is currently experimental.

There is no "building file list ... done"..nothing..

Did I do something wrong or is the rsync under Windows just behaving differently?



It's a port to Windows so it just migh be different or somewhat out of date.

ceribik commented Dec 28, 2012

What happened to rsync? It's not in any of the latest builds.

twome commented May 3, 2013

A version of rsync would be greatly appreciated.

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