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bash.exe in Gow 0.7.0 #65

fitj opened this Issue Oct 1, 2012 · 24 comments


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fitj commented Oct 1, 2012

I double-clicked bash.exe in Gow 0.7.0, but no window of bash.exe appeared.

Then, I opened a window of Command Prompt, went down to the Gow¥bind folder, and entered "gow". However, neither a message nor a new window of bash was obtained.

How can I use bash.exe included in Gow 0.7.0?

Please delete #64 in closed issues (my mistake).


bmatzelle commented Oct 1, 2012

You're right. I'm having the same issue.

Same here - Win 7 Enterprise 64-bit SP1. From a command prompt running bash just returns silently; running from Start gives a brief flash of a command prompt but it's almost immediately closed.

jwdonal commented Oct 10, 2012

"Same here - Win 7 Enterprise 64-bit SP1. From a command prompt running bash just returns silently; running from Start gives a brief flash of a command prompt but it's almost immediately closed."

Exactly identical issue here. :( Guess I'll have to install the monstrosity that is cygwin. Any timeframe on when this will be fixed?

rmoritz commented Oct 18, 2012

Same issue. Please fix.

@gschrader gschrader referenced this issue in sdkman/sdkman-cli Nov 16, 2012


Gow (Gnu On Windows) support #65

So no way to run bash from GOW on Win7_64?
Maybe any workaround present?

Same here... would love to get rid of Cygwin, and GOW bash is the only thing missing

ab1234 commented Apr 21, 2013

Here is the fix:
Create a directory named "etc" in GOW installation directory (For e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Gow).
Hope this helps :)


bmatzelle commented Apr 22, 2013

That does help. I'll add this to the installer.


bmatzelle commented Apr 22, 2013

I wasn't aware of that. Thank you.

Fantastic - thanks ab1234!


beruic commented Jun 24, 2013

@bmatzelle: So when will this new installer be available?


bmatzelle commented Jun 24, 2013

Some time this summer. Whenever I have free time :)

beruic commented Jun 24, 2013

Could you please make a decent PS1 showing the current path as well? Where is the .bashrc located? I'd gladly make one if you could tell me.

parisio commented Oct 19, 2013

Just a note: I added /etc to my Gow installation directory, as an above poster recommended, which allowed bash to open fine with access to all commands as far as I could tell. I then integrated very simply with Console2 by creating a new tab, and Gow bin/bash.exe as the Shell. Maybe this can serve as a stopgap solution for some of you.

Did you ever add this to the installer? I just got Gow 0.8.0 but bash still didn't work. Manually creating /etc helped.

svnpenn commented May 6, 2014

@eteeselink this is abandonware

@svnpenn with the latest release 3 months old?


bmatzelle commented May 6, 2014

When I made the last release a few months back I just didn't get to this ticket. I don't have a lot of free time to clean up tickets. But this is Github so if you want to fork it and send me a pull request then I'd gladly work it in.

Thanks for the quick reply! I completely understand where you're coming from, I was just wondering what the status was. I'll see if I can find some time to work it in and make a pull request.

@rivy rivy added a commit to rivy/gow that referenced this issue Jul 2, 2015

@rivy rivy FIX bash exec failure when the `etc` directory is missing
* add the `etc` directory (containing `.keep.README.md`)
  - note: the `.keep.README.md` file is a prompt for git to store the otherwise empty directory
* fixes bmatzelle/gow#65, bmatzelle/gow#127, and bmatzelle/gow#180


This commit builds upon the fix for the same problem done in
bmatzelle/gow@21710c6 by adding the `etc`
directory into the repo. This makes the repo usable when installed as
portable app (eg, via `scoop`) without requiring extra post installation

loostro commented Aug 6, 2015

I've got GOW 0.8. The installer did not add etc directory. Without it no bash scripts were working.

Gow works as expected on my 64 bit Win7 Pro desktop. I'm currently configuring a 64 bit Win8.1 laptop. Gow installs from the 0.80 installer, but bash fails to run. Manually creating the etc directory does not resolve the issue. Does Win8.1 need something else?


@Andy2244 Andy2244 referenced this issue in chris-marsh/fastIPvanish Jan 27, 2016


[Fix] to make it windows "ping" compatible. #1

mdtdev commented Mar 14, 2016

FYI -- Gow's bash works on my Windows 10 system (64-bit Windows/x64) once I manually add the /etc directory to the Gow install location. The etc directory was not created by the installer (Gow-0.8.0). I will report if there are other problems with bash.

What @mdtdev said above is still the case.

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