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import itertools
def begin():
input_values = {}
textPrompt = 'Enter the text you would like to iterate over with #\'s in the place of increasing numbers and @\'s in the place of iterating phrases/letters: '
lowerPrompt = 'Enter your starting number: '
upperPrompt = 'Enter your ending number: '
wordsPrompt = 'Enter the words you would like to iterate over (separated by commas): '
input_values['text'] = getRegChoice(textPrompt, split=True)
input_values['lower'] = getIntChoice(lowerPrompt)
input_values['upper'] = getIntChoice(upperPrompt)
input_values['words'] = getRegChoice(wordsPrompt, split=False)
return input_values
def getRegChoice(text, split):
return raw_input(text).split(', ') if split else raw_input(text)
def getIntChoice(text):
return int(raw_input(text))
except ValueError:
print "That is not a number."
return getIntChoice(text)
def makedict(input):
c = getChoice()
if c == 1:
return output_permutations(input, numbers_first=False)
elif c == 2:
return output_permutations(input, numbers_first=True)
print "That is not a valid choice."
def getChoice():
return int(raw_input('1 for word-first iteration, 2 for number-first: '))
except ValueError:
print "That is not a number."
return getChoice()
def output_permutations(dict, numbers_first):
text, lower, upper, words = input_sort(dict)
numbers = range(lower, upper + 1)
data = (numbers, words) if numbers_first else (words, numbers)
for n, w in itertools.product(*data):
if not numbers_first: n, w = w, n
print("Player %d likes %s." % (n, w))
# def make_format(template, subs):
# text.replace('#', str(num)).replace('@', i)
def input_sort(dict):
return dict['text'], dict['lower'], dict['upper'], dict['words']
def prompt():
return raw_input("Press enter to see the next set (1 if you'd like to cancel): ")
def nav():
input_values = begin()
output_values = makedict(input_values)
return output_values