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Change Log for grizzled-python

Version 2.2.0 (12 March, 2019)

  • Added grizzled.text.stripmargin() function.
  • Converted test framework to pytest.

Version 2.1.0 (5 March, 2019)

  • Added tests for grizzled.file.includer.Includer.
  • Removed URL support in grizzled.file.includer.Includer.

Version 2.0.0 (12 February, 2019)

  • Updated to support Python 3 only. Indeed, it requires Python 3.6 or better.
  • Updated API docs to use pdoc, instead of Epydoc
  • Removed grizzled.collections.OrderedDict. Use the standard Python collections.OrderedDict, instead.
  • Removed grizzled.Configuration. Use the standard configparser classes, instead. (They lack support for include files, but you can preprocess the file using grizzled.file.includer, if you need that.)
  • Removed entire grizzled.db package. It's woefully out of date.
  • Removed entire package. There are better ways to handle HTTP downloads (e.g., the third-party requests package), and the ftp module is out of date.
  • Removed Its sole reason for existence was to allow extracting the zip into a specified directory, a feature the standard zipfile.ZipFile class didn't support when Zip was originally written. zipfile.ZipFile.extractall() now provides that functionality, so is no longer of any use.
  • Removed grizzled.cmdline module (a front-end to optparse). There are far better solutions out there now (such as click).
  • Removed grizzled.exception module. It's become obsolete.
  • Removed grizzled.history. Just use the standard readline module.
  • Removed grizzled.decorators.abstract. Use the facilities in the standard abc package.
  • Removed grizzled.file.copy_recursively(). It was just a single-line wrapper around shutil.copytree().
  • Removed grizzled.os.file_separator(). Use standard os.path.sep, instead.
  • Removed python_version(), python_version_string(), ensure_version() and python_version_string() from grizzled.system. They're pointless. Just use sys.version_info and tuple comparison.
  • Removed grizzled.system.class_for_name(). It's not Pythonic.
  • Removed ./ script in favor of a setup command (python test).
  • Fixed grizzled.file.list_recursively(). It was totally broken.
  • Added (some) type annotations.

Version 1.1.0 (24 May, 2017)

  • Updated and setup.cfg to support building a wheel.
  • Updated README with instructions on building, installing, and running tests.
  • Removed dependency on enum34 package.
  • Added dependency on backports.tempfile package, to allow using with TemporaryDirectory() on both Python 3 and Python 2.
  • grizzled.file.eglob is now lazy, returning a generator, rather than a list.
  • Added tests for grizzled.file.eglob.

Version 1.0.5 through 1.0.7 (12 February, 2016)

  • Additional changes to support Python 3.

Version 1.0.4 (11 February, 2016)

  • Changed dependency on enum to dependency on enum34, for compatibility between Python 2 and Python 3.

Version 1.0.3 (25 May, 2012)

  • Merged pull request from, which adds from __future__ import with_statement imports to and one unit test, to support older versions of Python.

Version 1.0.2 (29 May, 2011)

  • Added installation dependency on enum module.

Version 1.0.1 (29 May, 2011)

  • Changed to support the FTP MLST command, based on (largely unmodified) code contributed by Andrew Scheller (gcode /at/
  • Added java to the list of operating system types in grizzled.os, for Jython.
  • Changed to copy stuff to the gh-pages directory, via local "gh" command.

Version 1.0 (14 March, 2011)

  • Added grizzled.proxy.Forwarder, a mixin that aids writing wrappers that forward some, or all, unknown attributes to a wrapped object.
  • Graduated to 1.0. It's been around long enough.
  • Removed reliance on ez_setup module.
  • Removed grizzled.collections.namedtuple.

Version 0.9.4 (10 June, 2010)

  • Fixed various incorrect docstrings.
  • Added grizzled.file.list_recursively() function.
  • Fixes for PyPI.

Version 0.9.3 (24 October, 2009)

  • Updated to latest

  • Fixed grizzled.text.hexdump() to honor show_repeats=True in all cases.

  • Added pidfile argument to grizzled.os.daemonize(). grizzled.os.spawnd() was passing a pidfile argument to daemonize(), but daemonize() didn't support it.

Version 0.9.2 (26 May, 2009)

  • Added grizzled.misc.bitcount(), to calculate the number of 1 bits in a number.
  • Modified grizzled.db for Oracle so that get_tables() uses ALL_TABLES, not USER_TABLES (suppressing tables with "$" in them). Made similar change for get_indexes().
  • Moved grizzled.misc.str2bool() to grizzled.text.

Version 0.9.1 (5 December, 2008)

  • Added missing import of re module to grizzled.db.sqlite module.
  • Move grizzled/ to grizzled/net/
  • Added package and module, the latter containing a Python port of Dan Bernstein's ftpparse function, for parsing output from an FTP server's "LIST" command.

Version 0.9 (13 November, 2008)

  • Added get_rdbms_metadata() function to grizzled.db drivers, to return information about the underlying RDBMS.
  • Added grizzled.collections.namedtuple() function, which works like Python's new 2.6 namedtuple() function. If running under 2.6, the grizzled.collections version is the 2.6 namedtuple() function.
  • Reorganized internals of grizzled.db for easier maintenance. Has no effect on the visible API.
  • Moved package metadata from to grizzled/, making it easier for other packages to use.

Version 0.8.4 (4 November, 2008)

  • Improved Oracle support in grizzled.db package.

Version 0.8.3 (1 November, 2008)

  • Added @unimplemented decorator
  • Fixed bad references to os module in grizzled.os.daemonize().
  • Renamed grizzled.cmdline.CommandLineParser's show_usage() method to die_with_usage(). Provided a deprecated version of show_usage().
  • Added init_simple_stream_logging() to grizzled.log module.
  • Added get_one_of() method to grizzled.config.Configuration
  • Removed reference to nonexistent InfoFilter from grizzled.log

Version 0.8.2 (8 September, 2008)

  • Eliminated extra fork() in grizzled.os.spawnd() function.
  • Added grizzled.collections.LRUDict class, implementating a fixed-size dictionary with least recently used semantics.
  • The grizzled.text module now provides a hexdump() function.
  • The grizzled.text module now provides a str2bool() function.
  • grizzled.file.include module's preprocess() method is now a little more careful about temp file turds.
  • Fixed some unconverted camelCase variables in grizzled.file.include module's preprocess() method, removing some runtime errors.
  • Now properly bundles
  • grizzled.db.DBDriver now implements paramstyle() method that actually does something.
  • grizzled.db now has simple support for the Gadly pure-Python SQL database. (See

Version 0.8.1 (5 August, 2008)

  • grizzled.db now uses SQLite3 PRAGMAs to get table metadata and index metadata.

Version 0.8 (22 July, 2008)

  • Added grizzled.log module (including a WrappingLogFormatter class) which contains some classes and functions for use with the standard logging module.
  • Added grizzled.misc.str2bool() function.

Version 0.7.2 (18 July, 2008)

  • Added grizzled.history.
  • Converted some lingering Epytext markup to reStructuredText.

Version 0.7.1 (16 July, 2008)

  • Added grizzled.misc module and ReadOnly class.
  • Added the spawnd() function the grizzled.os module.
  • Enhanced grizzled.db SQLite3 driver to return better index and table metadata.

Version 0.7 (12 June, 2008)

  • Deprecated grizzled.os.file_separator(). Silly me, there's a standard os.path.sep variable.
  • In grizzled.db, the MySQL index metadata function wasn't detecting column uniqueness properly.
  • In grizzled.db, the PostgreSQL table metadata function wasn't detecting NULL/NOT NULL properly.
  • Added find_command() and path_elements() functions to grizzled.os.
  • Documentation format changed from default Epydoc to reStructuredText.
  • Fixed bug in grizzled.db.add_driver() function that prevented a driver from being added programmatically.
  • Added class_for_name() function to grizzled.system module.
  • grizzled.config now uses grizzled.collections.OrderedDict
  • In grizzled.config, Configuration.sections() is now a property.

Version 0.6 (30 May, 2008)

  • Removed deprecated methods.
  • Removed deprecated optparse module.
  • Added MySQL-specific logic for table metadata to grizzled.db
  • Added PostgreSQL-specific logic for table metadata to grizzled.db
  • Added ability to retrieve list of database tables to grizzled.db.
  • Added function, for use with the with statement.

Version 0.5 (28 May, 2008)

  • Added grizzled.sys module, with python_version(), python_version_string(), split_python_version() and ensure_version() functions.
  • Added grizzled.file.universal_path() and grizzled.file.native_path(). A universal path always uses a '/' as the file separator, no matter what the underlying operating system uses. A native path uses the underlying operating system's path separator. These two functions convert between the two notations.
  • Fixed bug in grizzled.file.eglob() stemming from camel case conversion.
  • Added grizzled.os.file_separator() function.
  • Changed grizzled.os.get_path_separator() to grizzled.os.path_separator().

Version 0.4 (20 May, 2008)

  • Converted public functions, methods, parameters and variables that use camel case names to names that are more consistent with standard Python naming conventions. Existing camel case functions are still in the API, but are deprecated. Calling them will result in a runtime warning.

Version 0.3 (8 May, 2008)

  • Created module, with a FileLock class that provides a portable file locking interface.
  • Added grizzled.file.eglob() function.
  • Added grizzled.os.withDirectory(), a context manager for the with statement.
  • Added class
  • Added grizzled.file.copyRecursively() function
  • Moved CommandLineParser from grizzled.optparse to grizzled.cmdline
  • Augmented CommandLineParser to permit specifying an epilogue to be printed at the end of the usage message.
  • Added function
  • Added class

Version 0.2 (2 April, 2008)

  • Initial version posted to the web.