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Grizzled Rails Logger is a Ruby gem that provides an add-on for the stock Rails 3 logger.

The Grizzled::Rails::Logger module augments the Rails 3 ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger class, providing some additional capabilities, including:

  • Configurable colorized logging (colorized by severity).
  • Simple timestamp configuration.
  • The ability to include the PID in each message.
  • The ability to flatten the log output, removing spurious newlines, so that each message occupies only one line.
  • Anexception message that dumps an exception backtrace to the log

Installation for Rails 3

Add the following to your Gemfile, and run bundle install:

gem 'grizzled-rails-logger'

If you want the development version of the gem, use:

gem 'grizzled-rails-logger', github: 'bmc/grizzled'

This gem is specific to Rails 3, but it should work fine with either Ruby 1.9 or Ruby 1.8.7.


Complete documentation for this software is available on the home page