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Octopress Plugins

This repository contains some plugins for the Octopress blogging engine.

Image Popup Plugin

Provides a tag that generates a thumbnail of an image which, when clicked, generates a popup containing the full size image.

See A Simple Octopress Image Popup Plugin for a discussion, and demonstration, of this plugin.


Add these lines to your blog's Gemfile:

gem 'erubis'
gem 'mini_magick'

mini_magick, in turn, requires that the Image Magick mogrify(1) command be installed and in your path.

The gem also relies on both jQuery and jQuery UI. Add these lines to your blog's sources/_includes/custom/head.html file:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Finally, copy img_popup.rb and img_popup.html.erb to your blog's plugins directory.


The plugin implements a Liquid template tag. The tag syntax is straighforward:

{% imgpopup /path/to/image percent% [title] %}

The image path is relative to the source directory. The percent argument is the amount to scale the image down for the clickable preview. The optional title is put in the title bar of the modal popup. Here’s a real example:

{% imgpopup /images/bigimage.png 50% My Big Image %}

GitHub Plugin

The GitHub plugin embeds the contents of a git commit from a GitHub repository directly into a blog post. It's similar, in concept, to the stock Octopress gist tag, except that it pulls its content from a GitHub repo, not from a Gist.


Add the following to your blog's Gemfile:

gem 'octokit' # Ruby GitHub API

Then, copy github.rb to your blog's plugins directory.


{% github user/repo filehash %}

To get a file's hash, run the following in a local copy of the repo:

$ git hash-object path-to-file

If it's code, you might want to put it inside a codeblock.


{% codeblock lang:ruby %}
  {% github bmc/octopress-plugins fefb9d97158ce9c96b4679e0e84b3dc69b6dcf20 %}
{% endcodeblock %}