An open source password vault based on AngularJS and the Play Framework.
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PWGuard - A password vault


PWGuard is a simple web-based password vault, using the Play Framework and AngularJS. For complete documentation, including screen shots, please see the wiki.


This application serves two purposes:

  1. It provides me a convenient way to save various passwords and related data, search for them, and access them remotely and securely (e.g., from my phone).

  2. It's a testbed application, for both Play and AngularJS. I use Play and AngularJS in my consulting work, and I teach Play and AngularJS courses for NewCircle. Having a well-defined and relatively small application that uses both technologies allows me to experiment with new technologies and with changes in Play and AngularJS, without affecting my clients.


PWGuard is open source and is released under a New BSD license. PWGuard also uses many excellent open source packages. See the wiki for details.