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Change Log for sbt-editsource

Version 1.0.0

  • Updated Grizzled Scala dependency to 4.4.1.
  • Updated to cross-build against SBT 1.0.x and 0.13.x.

Version 0.7.0

Upgraded to SBT 0.13.x.

Version 0.6.5:

Fixed problem with dependency versioning.

Version 0.6.3:

  • Updated to SBT 0.12.
  • Now cross-builds against both Scala 2.9.1 and Scala 2.9.2.
  • Doug Tangren's (excellent) ls SBT plugin is now specified directly in the project, to make it easier for others to build this plugin.

Version 0.6.2:

  • Rebuilt with newer version of Grizzled Scala, to fix a dependency problem.

Version 0.6.1:

Fixed Ivy-related publishing issue.

Version 0.6:

  • Updated to SBT 0.11.2.
  • Added support for metadata.

Version 0.5.2:

EditSource.editSourceSettings is now deprecated, in favor of just EditSource.settings.

Version 0.5.1:

Issue #2: Corrected date/time formats.

Version 0.5:

Change in Setting and Task Key Namespace

sbt-editsource setting and task keys are already inside in inner EditSource object, for namespace scoping. This revision adds a trick by Josh Suereth, to make usage easier. Basically, the keys are now defined like this:

object EditSource extends Plugin {
  object EditSource {
    val Config = config("editsource") extend(Runtime)

    val sources = SettingKey[Seq[File]](
      "source-files", "List of sources to transform"
    ) in Config

    val targetDirectory = SettingKey[File](
      "target-directory", "Where to copy edited files"
    ) in Config


Putting the in Config after each setting or task changes the build.sbt usage pattern from the clunky

EditSource.sources in EditSource <<= ...

to the far more outrageously winning

EditSource.sources <<= ...

Changes in Settings

EditSource.sourceFiles is now EditSource.sources, for consistency with other SBT plugins and settings.

Merged in a patch from David M. Lee, changing editTask to return a Seq[File], allowing one to add editTask as a resourceGenerator, running it as part of the package command. For instance:

resourceGenerators in Compile <+=
  (EditSource.edit in EditSource.Config).identity

Version 0.4.2:

Put plugin settings into a sub-object, so they don't clash with other settings on (auto) import into build.sbt. Accessing a setting is now accomplished with:

EditSource.configFile in EditSource.Config <<= baseDirectory(...)
  • Converted code to conform with standard Scala coding style.
  • Now published for Scala 2.9.0 and 2.9.0-1, as well as 2.8.1.

Version 0.4.1:

Renamed various plugin settings and variables, so their names wouldn't clash, on import, with other plugins.

Version 0.4:

  • Pulled the EditSource plugin into its own project and GitHub repo.
  • Refactored and reimplemented as an SBT 0.10.x plugin.
  • Changed syntax of variable references from @varname@ to ${varname}.
  • Variable substitution now supports special env and sys prefixes. ${env.VAR} substitutes VAR from the environment. (e.g., ${env.HOME}) ${} substitutes the current date and time in "yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM:SS" format. ${} substitutes the current date in "yyyy/mm/dd" format. ${sys.anything_else} attempts to resolve the variable from the JVM's list (e.g., ${}, ${})
  • Plugin now supports regular expression substitution.

Version 0.3:

Now published to the Scala Tools Maven repository, which SBT includes by default. Thus, if you're using SBT, it's longer necessary to specify a custom repository to find this artifact.

Version 0.3.1:

The Markdown plugin still uses the Showdown Javascript Markdown parser, but the host domain ( is offline. Switched to use a copy cached in the sbt-plugins GitHub downloads area.

Version 0.2:

  • The IzPack plugin now provides support for configuring the installer directly within SBT, using Scala, rather than XML.
  • Web pages now exist for each plugin, including a comprehensive one for the IzPack plugin.

Version 0.2.2:

Now uses Posterous-SBT SBT plugin.

Version 0.2.1:

  • Changed Markdown plugin to permit insertion of an arbitrary list of HTML nodes in the generated HTML head section.
  • Internal changes to the IzPack plugin to use map() calls instead of for and yield.

Version 0.1:

First release to the web.