A cross-database SQL command tool, written in Scala
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SQLShell: A SQL Command Shell

Warning: While this project isn't abandonware, exactly, I don't use it much any more, so it doesn't get a lot of maintenance love.


SQLShell is a SQL command line tool, similar in concept to tools like Oracle's [SQL*Plus] sqlplus, the PostgreSQL psql command, and MySQL's mysql tool.

SQLShell is a Scala rewrite of my Python sqlcmd tool (rewritten because, as it turns out, JDBC is more consistent and portable than Python's DB API).

Some Features at a Glance

  • Connection parameters for individual databases can be kept in a configuration file in your home directory, allowing you to specify a short logical name for the database when you connect to it. (Multiple logical names are permitted for each database.)

  • SQLShell has command history management, with GNU Readline-like support. Each database can have its own history file; you can also share history files across two or more databases.

  • SQLShell supports retrieving and displaying database metadata (e.g., getting a list of tables, querying the table's columns and their data types, listing the indexes and foreign keys for a table, etc.).

  • SQLShell provides a standard interface that looks and behaves the same, no matter what database you're using.

  • SQLShell supports any database engine for which a JDBC driver exists.

  • SQLShell is written in Scala.

  • SQLShell is open source, and is licensed under a liberal BSD-style license.

Copyright © 2009-2011 Brian M. Clapper, bmc@clapper.org