A utility to download files and execute programs on the CBC via network, usb, or flash drive.
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IMPORTANT: If you do not care about USB downloads (via the USB cable, not a
flashdrive), you can safely skip the following directions


CBCDownloader requires rxtx for USB downloads. Unfortunately, rxtx is not 100%
Java, nor is there, or will ever be, a 100% Java implementation for serial
communication. Fortunately, installation is somewhat painless.

On Ubuntu (and probably Debian), it is a simple apt command:
    $ sudo apt-get install librxtx-java

On M$ Windoz, it should be as simple as CDing into this directory
and running:
	$ javaws gnu.io.SafeCommDriver.jnlp

On Mac OS X, download the following file:
And place it in your "/System/Library/Java/Extensions" directory.
On Newer Macs:
Open the Java Preferences App Located in Applications -> Utilities and set the 32 bit Java Runtime at a higher priority than the 64 bit one.

If that fails, download the latest stable version from here:
and follow the INSTALL file that comes inside of the zip included, skipping the
part where you copy the '.jar' file. That is included with CBCDownloader.