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Responsive and accessible React UI components built with Typescript and Emotion
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  • Beautiful, generic components that you can make your own.
  • Responsive and accessible.
  • A fully customizable theme, which includes a dark and light mode.
  • Fully typed for use with Typescript.
  • Support for tree shaking. Bundle only those components that you need.
  • Included components: Alert, Avatar, Badge, Breadcrumbs, Button, Collapse, Container, Dialog, Divider, Form (and inputs), IconButton, Icons, Layer, Link, List, Menu, Navbar, Popover, Sheet, Spinner, Table, Tabs, Text, Toast, Toolbar, Tooltip, amongst others.

View the documentation for full details.

Getting started

Install Sancho and Emotion using yarn or npm:

yarn add sancho @emotion/core @emotion/css

And import your desired components into your React project.

import { Button } from "sancho";

function MyApp() {
  return <Button>Hello world</Button>;

Sample projects


Julienne is a small application built with Sancho and Firebase which helps you share recipes with family and friends. View the source here.


Captioner is an in-browser tool for generating captions for your videos. It's also built with Sancho and Firebase. View the source here.


git clone
cd sancho
yarn run storybook



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