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Bash .sh for routine updating of a Google Fusion Table based on a MMDDYY csv file, with sanity checks
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Author: Ben Mearns,

This code builds upon a sample from Google, using the Google Fusion Tables API through shell scripts.  
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This code specifically updates an existing Fusion Table with csv data, with name of format /data/MMDDYY.csv
and does sanity checks, including a second FT for changes (which records the MMDDYY string), checks
that a data/MMDDYY.csv file is present, and checks the data table for duplicates based on an ID column.

To use this code you will need to do the following:
-an X server (such as Xming) should be present on your terminal, to run the scripts to generate credentials
-follow instructions in ftapi/README.html, which will walk you through obtaining an API key and generating
ftapi/ by running ftapi/
-create 2 fusion tables, one for data and one for changes, and obtain the IDs for these tables.  The sample
data/MMDDYY.csv assumes a 10 string column data table, and assumes a 1 string column table, with column named
-update the sample data/MMDDYY.csv with the current MMDDYY
-An ID column in the data table will be used for detecting duplicates.  After testing the sample, you will need to 
delete all rows to run again and not trigger the duplicate error.  You should eventually create a column that will
serve as a unique ID
-currently assumes a 10 column table, you will need to update f1 to fn, where n is the number of columns 
in data column in checkDuplicates(), once you have changed the data and fusion table to be a different number of columns
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