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KML LOD Render Priority (Nested Regions) with PHP/Postgres
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KML LOD Render Priority (Nested Regions) with PHP/Postgres

This example uses code from to produce KML from a postgres database. Furthermore, two (identical) regions are provided with the tag, to provide render priority. In my case I had a field in the database that I used as my criteria for render priority, and included in condition1/2.

This example could easily be modified, with the postgis extension, to produce glat and glng dynamically, with spatial functions.

For my region extent, I'm using the University of Delaware campus: Top: 39.697763884 Left: -75.776270889 Right: -75.728799092 Bottom: 39.656921439

To use:

  1. set table name and conditions in those parameters, inline in kml-priority.php
  2. add database connection information to kml-priority-dbinfo.php, with proper permissions ... you could also provide this inline in kml-priority.php, but that would be less secure
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