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#include "luv.h"
#include "candor.h"
#include "uv.h"
using namespace candor;
template uv_handle_t* UVData::ObjectTo<uv_handle_t>(candor::Object* obj);
template uv_timer_t* UVData::ObjectTo<uv_timer_t>(candor::Object* obj);
template uv_stream_t* UVData::ObjectTo<uv_stream_t>(candor::Object* obj);
template uv_tcp_t* UVData::ObjectTo<uv_tcp_t>(candor::Object* obj);
template uv_tty_t* UVData::ObjectTo<uv_tty_t>(candor::Object* obj);
UVData::UVData(size_t size, Object* prototype) {
// Create a new data object
if (prototype) {
} else {
// Give it a cdata pointer to us
obj->Set("cdata", Wrap());
// And Make it weak. We need to Ref and Unref for pending callbacks.
// Create a uv structure
handle = (uv_handle_t*)new char[size];
// And point it to us too.
handle->data = this;
UVData::~UVData() {
// Free the uv struct
delete handle;
// Let go of the data object
template <class T>
T* UVData::ObjectTo(candor::Object* obj) {
uv_handle_t* handle = CWrapper::Unwrap<UVData>(obj->Get("cdata"))->handle;
return (T*)handle;
Object* UVData::VoidToObject(void* ptr) {
return *((UVData*)ptr)->obj;