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A nifty javascript sandbox for node.js
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Node Sandbox

A nifty javascript sandbox for node.js.

Some features

  • Can be used to execute untrusted code.
  • Support for timeouts (e.g. prevent infinite loops)
  • Handles errors gracefully
  • Restricted code (cannot access node.js methods)
  • Supports console.log and print utility methods


Be sure to check out example/example.js

var s = new Sandbox() '1 + 1 + " apples"', function( output ) {
  // output.result == "2 apples"


Basic syntax: code, callback )

code is the string of Javascript to be executed.

callback is a function, and it's called with a two arguments, err and output.

output is an object with the following properties properties:

result is an inspected string of the return value of the code. console is an array of all console output. typeof is the typeof the result (useful for when things do not encode as JSON).

For example, given the following code:

function add( a, b ){
  console.log( a )
  console.log( b )
  return a + b
add( 20, 22 )

The resulting output object is:

{ result: "42"
, console: [ "20", "22" ]
, typeof: "number"

Installation & Running

Let's get it! The easiest way is through npm:

npm install sandbox

Or if you'd like to play with the code, see the examples, run the tests, what-the-fuck-ever...

git clone git://

And run some examples:

node example/example.js


To run the tests you'll have to install async_testing, then simply run the spec files from node.

npm install async_testing
node spec/sandbox.spec.js


Sandbox is UNLICENSED.


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