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Server Side


Client Side

The client side code is from within this repository

<script "./example/static/sws.js"></script>


  • On a server with
  • * Connect.session
  • Get a session verifier

    var sws = require("SessionWebSocket")()

  • Setup the server

    var server = connect.createServer( ... connect.cookieDecoder(), connect.session(...), sws.http //not a function ... )

  • Setup

    //put our callback inside of io.listen(server,{ //normal callback client.on("secure",function(){ console.log(client.session) //client.session is now available }) client.on("insecure",function(){ // fires when a message that is not the auth message arrives first }) }))

Usage Client Side

<script "./example/static/sws.js"></script>
    socket.send("woot!")//good to go


  • secure - fires when auth sucedes, does not put the auth token in a "message" event
  • insecure - fires when auth fails, and then fires the "message" event
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