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Note: CLOGS is no longer being actively developed. If you need new features, your best option is to develop and submit a pull request, or even better, offer to take over.

CLOGS is a library for higher-level operations on top of the OpenCL C++ API. It is designed to integrate with other OpenCL code, including synchronization using OpenCL events. Currently only three operations are supported: radix sorting, reduction, and exclusive scan. Radix sort supports all the unsigned integral types as keys, and all the built-in scalar and vector types suitable for storage in buffers as values. Scan supports all the integral types. It also supports vector types, which allows for limited multi-scan capabilities. Reduction supports all the built-in types, but the floating-point types are not tested.

For more information, refer to the user manual. There is also a paper comparing performance to other libraries.

Quick install instructions

For the impatient, the process is

$ ./waf configure [ --prefix=install-path ]
$ ./waf build
$ sudo ./waf install

which will build and install to the install path (defaults to /usr/local), and which will install the documentation in /usr/local/share/doc/clogs if you have xsltproc and doxygen installed.