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Books, essays, films and other resources I have found to be particularly great or enriching.

If I sent you a link to this wiki and you have some time to kill, try starting with one of the essays I've listed. Hopefully you will be tempted to read more of them.

Entries are usually ordered by me appending new materials as I encounter them to a continually growing list on eac page of this wiki. I especially like to keep track of those materials which do not reside on my bookshelf so that I may read, watch, and listen again, recommend these resources to a friend, and maybe recall where I have been.

I started faithfully recording toward the end of my undergraduate studies, so high school canon and a good deal of other materials have not made it to the list. I wholeheartedly recommend anything listed here. Much of what is here was found by flittering across the web, here and there dipping into similar catalogs and recommendations made by other individuals.

This is my garden that I find great pleasure in cultivating.

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