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Prototype (c) The Washington Post, 2016 Context Sensitive Labels (3D globe)
The Washington Post 23 countries legalized same-sex marriage
The Washington Post Gigaton (Chris Mooney)
The Washington Post Reid's conservation legacy
The Washington Post 2015 Cy Young Tracker

Context Sensitive Cartographic Labels (3D globe)

[D3.js, JavaScript, shapefiles]

The idea here was to visualize nuclear testing throughout history on a 3D globe that responds to a user's mouse movement. One problem this experiment attempted to solve was the cluttering of labels that results when event, country, and state labels overlap. Interactive orthographic projection presents an opportunity to do something different with label placement: make labels context sensitive! Labels change size and opacity as their position changes within the viewport.

Several different gimbal-like mechanisms were experimented with. The rendering pipeline makes use of a prototype library I created to help manage rendering and user-interaction for multiple geographic layers.

23 countries legalized same-sex marriage

[Adobe Illustrator]

Gigaton (Chris Mooney)

[Adobe Illustrator]

Reid's conservation legacy

[D3.js, Shapefiles, Make, TopoJSON, Adobe Illustrator, Excel, QGIS]

Harry Reid's conservation map was assembled from shapefiles and tabular data using Make. This automated process for rendering maps and computing total areas turned out to be very helpful as the story, and therefore the map itself, evolved in the days before publication. The map and bar graphs were first rendered with D3.js, then the base SVG was then exported to Adobe Illustator.

2015 Cy Young Tracker

[D3.js, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Templates, Excel]