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OASISFormat: 0.2
Name: ocaml-rbtrees
Version: 0.2.0+dev
LicenseFile: LICENSE
License: MIT
BuildType: ocamlbuild (0.2)
Authors: Benedikt Meurer <>
Copyrights: (c) 2007-2011 Benedikt Meurer
Plugins: META (0.2), DevFiles (0.2), StdFiles (0.2)
BuildTools: ocamlbuild
Synopsis: An implementation of Red-Black Trees for OCaml
This is my implementation of Red-Black Trees for OCaml. It is based upon
the implementation described in the paper "Red-Black Trees in a Functional
Setting" by Chris Okasaki published in "Journal of Functional Programming",
9(4):471-477, July 1999.
The Red-Black Trees are exposed via a map and a set API, which is designed
to be compatible with the Map and Set modules in the OCaml standard library
(which are implemented using AVL trees). You can use the Rbmap and Rbset
modules as drop-in replacement for the Map and Set modules.
Library "rbtrees"
Path: src
Modules: Rbmap, Rbset
Document "rbtrees"
Title: API reference for rbtrees
Type: ocamlbuild (0.2)
InstallDir: $htmldir
BuildTools: ocamldoc
XOCamlbuildPath: src
XOCamlbuildLibraries: rbtrees
SourceRepository master
Type: git
Branch: master
Location: git://