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#5977: ensure that bootstrapping on 64-bit does not produce 64-bit co…

…nstants that cannot be read on 32-bit platforms.

git-svn-id: f963ae5c-01c2-4b8c-9fe0-0dff7051ff02
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commit b4c4c5e77bca11b0dec0b6c3800a4583361ae6d0 1 parent 93fc228
@alainfrisch alainfrisch authored
BIN  boot/ocamlc
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/ocamldep
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/ocamllex
Binary file not shown
21 stdlib/
@@ -143,18 +143,19 @@ module State = struct
-(* This is the state you get with [init 27182818]. *)
+(* This is the state you get with [init 27182818] and then applying
+ the "land 0x3FFFFFFF" filter to them. See #5575, #5793, #5977. *)
let default = { = [|
- 0x7ae2522b; 0x5d8d4634; 0x15b4fad0; 0x18b14ace; 0x12f8a3c4; 0x7b086c47;
- 0x16d467d6; 0x501d91c7; 0x321df177; 0x4176c193; 0x1ff72bf1; 0x5e889109;
- 0x0b464b18; 0x6b86b97c; 0x4891da48; 0x03137463; 0x485ac5a1; 0x15d61f2f;
- 0x7bced359; 0x69c1c132; 0x7a86766e; 0x366d8c86; 0x1f5b6222; 0x7ce1b59f;
- 0x2ebf78e1; 0x67cd1b86; 0x658f3dc3; 0x789a8194; 0x42e4c44c; 0x58c43f7d;
- 0x0f6e534f; 0x1e7df359; 0x455d0b7e; 0x10e84e7e; 0x126198e4; 0x4e7722cb;
- 0x5cbede28; 0x7391b964; 0x7d40e92a; 0x4c59933d; 0x0b8cd0b7; 0x64efff1c;
- 0x2803fdaa; 0x08ebc72e; 0x4f522e32; 0x45398edc; 0x2144a04c; 0x4aef3cbd;
- 0x41ad4719; 0x75b93cd6; 0x2a559d4f; 0x5e6fd768; 0x66e27f36; 0x186f18c3;
+ 0x3ae2522b; 0x1d8d4634; 0x15b4fad0; 0x18b14ace; 0x12f8a3c4; 0x3b086c47;
+ 0x16d467d6; 0x101d91c7; 0x321df177; 0x0176c193; 0x1ff72bf1; 0x1e889109;
+ 0x0b464b18; 0x2b86b97c; 0x0891da48; 0x03137463; 0x085ac5a1; 0x15d61f2f;
+ 0x3bced359; 0x29c1c132; 0x3a86766e; 0x366d8c86; 0x1f5b6222; 0x3ce1b59f;
+ 0x2ebf78e1; 0x27cd1b86; 0x258f3dc3; 0x389a8194; 0x02e4c44c; 0x18c43f7d;
+ 0x0f6e534f; 0x1e7df359; 0x055d0b7e; 0x10e84e7e; 0x126198e4; 0x0e7722cb;
+ 0x1cbede28; 0x3391b964; 0x3d40e92a; 0x0c59933d; 0x0b8cd0b7; 0x24efff1c;
+ 0x2803fdaa; 0x08ebc72e; 0x0f522e32; 0x05398edc; 0x2144a04c; 0x0aef3cbd;
+ 0x01ad4719; 0x35b93cd6; 0x2a559d4f; 0x1e6fd768; 0x26e27f36; 0x186f18c3;
State.idx = 0;

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