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 file ocamljitrun/README
 cvsid $Id: README,v 1.10 2004-07-10 20:00:34 basile Exp $

                           Objective Caml                            
      Basile Starynkevitch, projet Cristal, INRIA Rocquencourt       
  Copyright 2004 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et   
  en Automatique.  All rights reserved.  This file is distributed    
  under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License, with    
  the special exception on linking described in file ../LICENSE.     


This directory provides a just in time translating version of the
Ocaml bytecode interpreter. In principle, it should provide you with
an ocamljitrun executable which replaces the usual ocamlrun executable
(the standard Ocaml bytecode interpreter), and translate the bytecode
(incrementally, ie in a Just In Time fashion) into machine code which
usually runs faster.



You need a recent Ocaml source directory (i.e. a CVS snapshot newer
than april 26th 2004), or perhaps the (future) 3.08 version. You
should get it on (and follow indications about
the CVS repository). The Ocaml release 3.07 won't work here.

You need a recent GNU lightning library. Lightning is a library
providing C macros to generate machine code (on x86, PowerPC, Sparcv9,
32 bits machines) at runtime. You need a CVS snapshot of GNU lightning
from newer than july 8th 2004.

You need GNU make to build this ocamljitrun. It is preferable to have
the GNU bash shell.

Both your Ocaml and your lightning should have been successfully built
and installed.

For Ocaml, you should probably (read the detailed instructions in
OCaml source tree to be sure)

    cd /path/to/ocaml/latest/sources/
    make world
    make opt
    make install

For GNU lightning (read the instructions in GNU lightning source tree
to be sure)

    cd /path/to/lightning/latest/sources/
    make all
    make install

You are expected to have both ocaml & lightning installed, and to keep
their source trees for installation of ocamljitrun

    Configuration and installation

Be sure to have compiled and installed both Ocaml & lightning
before. You need the Ocaml source tree to compile ocamljitrun.

You can either configure manually Ocamljit, or (in most simple cases),
configure it using the ConfigureJit shell script.

Automatic configuration:
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Run the ConfigureJit and answer (interactively) to
questions. Alternatively, configure manually as below.

Manual configuration:
- - - - - - - - - - -
edit a file containing (for GNU make) the following definitions

for example, on my home machine, I have

Note that the include directory for GNU lightning is the one
containing <lightning.h> - hence it is usually /usr/local/include/ not
/usr/local/include/lightning/ (which contains asm.h etc...)

- - - - - - -

If you don't have a good ptrace system call and a <sys/ptrace.h>
include file (like on Solaris2.9), add -DNO_PTRACE to the compile
flags (eg by editing the Makefile)

Once you configured as above, just invoke GNU make, usually thru the
gmake or (on Linux and other GNU systems) simply make.

You get many warnings with gcc, like "value computed is not used" -
this is related to lightning...

Then copy ocamljitrun to some bin/ directory in your path (or run sudo
make install).

ocamljitrun should be a plug-in replacement of ocamlrun. However, on
very short programs (e.g. ocamlc compiling a small *.ml file) it is
actually slower than ocamlrun, because of the overhead for machine
code generation (which is, as the JIT acronym suggests, performed
incrementally by ocamljitrun). On programs running more than a few
seconds, ocamljitrun may be up to two times faster on x86.

Known bugs: 

compiles and runs ok on x86 & PowerPC
SWITCH bug fixed in byterun/callbacks.c >= 1.47
callback bug fixed in byterun/callbacks.c cvs.rev >= 1.22


Please send comments and feedback by email to basile dot starynkevitch
at inria dot fr or basile at starynkevitch dot net


release fetnat july 10th 2004.

initial release april 19th 2004.

end of $Id: README,v 1.10 2004-07-10 20:00:34 basile Exp $