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This script will monitor RRD files generated by cacti/rrdtool and alert if no updates are seen
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This is a simple script to monitor RRD graph updates The script will use the RRDtool lastupdate command to compare the update values if they are the same things are good if no change then the graph has not updated


Put the script into your directory of choice change the logging path to either your cacti log or something else

if using cacti uncomment
##"WARNING:Graphs are not updating" $('date') >> $logging_file ##Uncomment this line to showup nicely in cacti log
This allows the line to show up nicely in the cacti log view
put a entry into your cron to run at the interveral you want to do your checks

Cacti Specific

If using 1 Minute polls

*/2 * * * * /bin/bash /rrd_monitor/ >> /tmp/log.txt

if using 5 minute polls

*/10 * * * * /bin/bash /root/

set sleep time in script from 30 to 300 to account for the 5 minute polling time between the first reading and the second

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