Stats & Shenanigans from the Bloomington Skeeball League
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Season 1 (Individual Stats, Final)
Season 1 (Team Final)

Bloomington (BMG) Skeeball League

The Bloomington, Indiana Skeeball League is Indiana's only competitive skeeball league. We play monthly seasons with teams comprised of 1-5 players.

Since Season 3, our format is each individual bowls ten frames (90 balls) and their score contributes to a team score. Team with the most points wins the night, against the teams they beat. (So beating all of the teams is equal to the # of teams that played that night.)

At the end of each season, the top two teams face off for the league championship. Our individual tournament pits anyone who has played during the regular season (and often, randos who show up on tournament day) for the league singles title.

All matches are played at Atlas Ballroom in Bloomington at 730pm on Wednesday nights.


  • Every person on a team bowls 10 frames (90 balls).
  • The team with the most points wins.
  • Stats calculated each week to determine the team with the most points.
  • Season champion is team with the most wins.
  • Team points winner is the team with the most points.
  • League MVP is determined by a committee, based on stats.


Season 1: Blake Grotewold
Season 2: Katie Birge
Season 3: Eoban Binder
Season 4: Ron Bronson


Season 1: Minnesota Mini-Muffins
Season 2: Minnesota Mini-Muffins
Season 3: Jasper Juggernauts
Season 4: No Team Champion


Season 1: Ron Bronson
Season 2: Katie Birge
Season 3: No Tournament
Season 4: Eoban Binder