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Queue Based Chef Client Deregistration for the Cloud

Building Debian Packages

sudo aptitude install build-essential git python-stdeb
git clone
cd chef-deregistration-manager
python --command-packages=stdeb.command bdist_deb


Dependencies: python-setuptools python-configobj python-boto (2+) python-pychef ( python-nagcgi (

Polls SQS
    If the queue does not exist:
        Create queue - The name is a combination of queue_name and id, both configurable

    If there are events:
        Grab event.

        If the event is a 'delete':
            Put instance in downtime in Nagios
            Dump Chef node JSON to disk
            Remove Chef Node via Chef API
            Remove Chef Client via Chef API

            If there are no more events:
                Trigger chef-client run

        If the event is an 'ensure':
            Fire Alert
            Recreate Node in Chef

chef-registration-init (clients)

  if runlevel == 0:
    Issue SNS message to delete node


Q: It won't start.
A: Make sure that the dependencies are installed, and that you've created server.cfg and client.cfg (the install creates example.cfg)

Q: Why would I put my AWS credentials on every host?! That's insecure!
A: We use IAM to create credentials that only have permission to publish to the relevant queue. The server's credentials will need the ability to create and manage SNS endpoints as well as SQS queues, as well.

More information

This code based upon: